OBERTURA is an art festival where artists, collectors and gallerists gather to enjoy art in the neighborhood of Carabanchel. The area, located in the southwest of the city, is known to be the most vibrant art district of Madrid. With more than 200 artist’s studios, independent spaces and galleries, it offers a huge variety of contemporary art proposals. In this enclave you'll also find Cielo Madrid, site of the festival, accommodation for collectors, curators and art professionals and exhibition space for national and international participating galleries.




Curated tours through some of the most interesting artist studios in Carabanchel.


In the showroom, located in the parking lot of Cielo Madrid, you'll be able to see the work of some of the artists represented by the participating galleries.


Each night you'll be able to enjoy a different artistic program on the Cielo Madrid hotel terrace: music, performances and videoart.


Because of the sanitary restrictions the capacity is limited. Therefore, we are obliged to request your confirmation of attendance at the various activities using the following form:  



8 of the most avantgarde and bold galleries will participate as exhibitors presenting the works of their artists in our Garaje Abierto, a curated exhibition hall set up for the festival. The lobby of the Aparthotel will also be portraying art as well as being the meeting-point for the Artcollectors. 

Granada Gallery works since 2016, as a platform for the exhibition, promotion and commercialization, both nationally and internationally, of drawing and contemporary art. In their own words, they attend to art that re-signifies the classic resources of the plastic arts, where the contemporary artist becomes a mediator between matter and support.


La Gran is a contemporary art gallery based in Carabanchel, Madrid, since autumn 2019. They represent and support the trajectory of a group of emerging and mid-career artists (mostly women) interested in the interaction of aesthetic phenomena with its social or political contexts. Espacio Líquido is born in the year 2000 as a gallery, production space and book, catalogue and artist object editorial.

Both galleries collaborate frequently, presenting their artists together and in dialogue at different fairs and exhibitions.



In July 2021, Beatriz Pereira Gallery began its life, the first art gallery that arises with gender perspective as the basis of its premise. It is an online space that seeks to value contemporary art and emerging collecting. From the illusion, sisterhood and passion for art, the present project wants to value the creators and contemporary artistic proposals always presented from a gender perspective.


International art gallery, was founded in 2012 focused on emerging and established artists with national and international recognition. The artists’ searches that Isabel Croxatto Galería’s curatorial project conveys revolve around contemporary problems of the human condition, from the intimate and social body, from memory and archive, from the analogue and the digital. Inspired by figurative art, each of them, through different media, aesthetically proposes unique and challenging enquiries and responses that invite us to reflect on the times we live.


Wadström Tönnheim Gallery’s mission is to examine the idea of the painterly, be it also through related media such as photography, sculpture, installations, video and drawing, in order to understand and to promote the direction of painting and its relevance to contemporary visual culture.


In 2016 Deborah Abizanda opened her ceramic studio under the D’A Ceramics brand, located on Doctor Fourquet Street in Madrid. In her spirit there has always been an interest in bringing ceramics and art closer together, collaborating with creators who explore the limits between functionality and contemporary art.




the use of more words than are necessary to convey meaning (e.g. see with one's eyes ), either as a fault of style or for emphasis.


Inéditad, formed by Luis López and Lucas Amillano, is an online gallery  capable of connecting talent, creating community, seducing a generation that is undoubtedly increasing its prominence in the online art market and openly demanding a change of model.



Program of the Curated Tours through some of the surrounding artists studios near OBERTURA CARABANCHEL

We will visit some of the most interesting studios in Carabanchel, walking the path that separates them.

To sign up for the tours it is necessary to fill the form. The tours begin every day at 11:00 at Cielo Madrid, Calle Matilde Hernández 40. The first 20 persons registered and present will leave at 11:00. If there are more people there, another group will be made and will leave 30 minutes later.

This is the schedule and the studios that we will visit each day of the festival:


September 10th,  2021. From 20:00 to 21:30
Capacity: 60 persons.

Confirm attendance by filling the form


Juvenal Barría, Irene Cruz, Alex Doménech, Nicolás Guzmán, Enrique Marty, Monica Mura y Verónica Vicente.




Juvenal Barría (Chile)


Martuca is Alive

Year: 2018

Duration: 02'  45''.


Antropología del Servicio

Year: 2018

Duration: 5' 50''


Irene Cruz (Spain)

Lockdown 2020

Year: 2020

Duration: 5'


Alex Domènech (Spain)



Year: 2020

Duration: 5' 51''


Nicolás Guzmán (Mexico)

El ensueño 

Year: 2021

Duration: 30' 14''

Enrique Marty (Spain)

Scenes of Failure

Year: 2016

Duration: 4' 45''

Monica Mura (Italy)

Poder ver ver poder

Year: 2018

Duration: 1'


Verónica Vicente (Spain)

Figuras decorativas

Year: 2019

Duration: 4' 26''



September 11th, 2021. From 20:00 to 21:30. 
Capacity: 60 persons.

Confirm attendance by filling the form.


Monica Mura (Italy)


Esto ya no es lo que era. Entre libertad y prohibición

Duration: 30'


Colectivo Trucha Agacelada


Con mucho “resort” 

Duration: 30'



Cielo Madrid Studios: Matilde Hernández Street, 40, 28019 Madrid

Subway lines: Oporto / Vista Alegre



Daniel Silvo (1982) is an exhibition curator and artist. He holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the UCM and teaches at University Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid. He is the director of Galeria Nueva and Atelier Solar and has co-directed fairs such JustMAD and JustLX Fairs and curated exhibitions in Europe and Latin America.


Ornella P. Belvedere (1995) holds a degree in Philosophy and a Master's degree in Political Theory and Democratic Culture from the UCM.

After producing and coordinating Salon Brand New, she collaborates in the coordination of art projects for Atelier Solar. 


Galeria Nueva is a showroom lochtet in Doctor Fourquet Street 10, offering national and international galleries the chance to portray their art and artists in Madrid for periods of time ranging from a few days to several months.



The Aparthotel Cielo Madrid, inaugurated 2020, offers quality accommodation in Carabanchel, in the heart of Madrids artist neighborhood.



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